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yesterday, after i posted about costa rica, i received a video call from citizen x(box). i asked him what he thought of the idea of moving to costa rica, and he said that that was funny because he was calling to ask me what i thought of NICARAGUA. very interesting. he has already done some research on property there, and has friends who are already invested there. my chief concern there is this country’s long-standing history of encouraging the people there to kill each other. i suppose i could always say i am canadian.
souris encouraged me to look at honduras.

will anything come of this? i am not sure. but i am quite intrigued by the notion. a few of us are planning a scouting trip to central america in april. more as this develops.






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  1. mai Avatar

    i’m jealous, my body yearns for warm climes. good luck with the search and perhaps i’ll be able to live vicariously through you as well. 🙂 ever consider cuba?

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Check out Argentina esp. the Patagonia area

  3. Dav Avatar

    I split the Bay Area on Feb 9th for Brazil, where I’ve found a nice apartment with high speed wireless Internet for US$200/month overlooking a little surf town (see dav.typepad.com). Just taking some time off to read a few books and think about things. I also considered Panama, as I had visited there before and even have a cypherpunk pal hacking away down there now, but I figured Brazil was even cheaper.

    Argentina is probably your best bet for quality for your money, but since I was looking for warm water for surfing I didn’t want to get too far south presonally…

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