what a trip

i woke up this morning and there was a fed ex overnight pouch from kamer on my doorstep. inside was a dvd of a our epic february 1989 new york to l.a. roadtrip video. (strangely, i can’t get the disc to load on my mac, i had to use the xbox. not too fucking cool when my microsoft product works better than my apple…) all of 22 years old, we were definitely a strange pair as we made our way across the heartland in the middle of an all-time record cold winter, stopping in various locations to party for a few days with our friends scattered around the country. lou looked a bit like a junior executive and recent sarah lawrence grad, and i looked…well i looked like i had just graduated from berkeley with a degree in heavy german philosophy and possibly a minor in pharmaceutical chemistry.
in fact, one of our first adventures occured when some state troopers decided they wanted to know a bit more about us, and had us sit on on a guardrail on the new jersey turnpike while they tore apart the vw diesel pickup truck for about an hour.
louie and i were, and continue to be, big dorks, and it really comes across in the 2.5 hours of footage. a little like jay and silent bob, only neither of us will shut up.
man i really cultivated a look back in the day: black cowboy boots, sheepskin jacket, ray-ban bal-o-ramas, and a day-glo orange camoflage hunter’s hat that i picked up in ohio. and hair! yes, certainly a lot of blonde hair.
about to snooze






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  1. louie Avatar

    “Ah, but I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.”

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