i still rock

unfortunately there is no audio recording, but mj took some pictures and upped them while i was playing. i have played many good and many bad gigs in my life. tonight was a good one. chelsea was great and susie as well. phil and steen and i went to canc??n on market and sixth after, then phil and i swung by matt’s for the wordpress 1.5 release party, and i busted out a song there as well. it was an awesome night.






5 responses to “i still rock”

  1. bret Avatar

    Yeah. I asked you to record it. That really is too bad you didn’t.

  2. loomis Avatar

    that Songwriter sure looks sweet and it seemed like were having a great time. sorry i missed it. get that recording going next time.

  3. Jeff Minard Avatar

    I was at the party and really liked your music. Do you have any samples online or CD’s?

  4. Jeff Minard Avatar

    nm, they’re just a little weird to find in the side bar. :\

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