you go back, jack, and do it again

i sort of walked away from all the songs i am working on a week (or more?) ago. i wrote another one in the meantime, but this is a major problem of my work habits: i have a hard time finishing things. i find myself starting other writing projects, gaming a lot, catching up on all those old books and movies i’ve been meaning to take in. i suppose, looking at that title, you might be able to read a double meaning into it. well, some of that too. it’s always at about three in the morning that i start playing the rough mixes and getting excited again.
i spent the day doing errands. i had to take the port handrail of the boate back to svendsen’s metal works, seeing as i had them weld the foot back on UPSIDE DOWN the first time ’round. alameda is really one of the cooler neighborhoods in the bay area, it’s old, and it’s salty. on my way back, i was going to stop at ikea to get a reading lamp for next to the couch, but instead i went to the hardware store and got a craftsman work light and hung it from a pre-existing heavy-duty hook in the ceiling. i can always grab it and sing “in dreams” a la dean stockwell in blue velvet, which you can’t easily do with some swedish designed “lifestyle lighting accesory”. the metal cage on mine is painted safety yellow. very classy, and it makes the color temperature awfully warm.






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