the days evaporate

i was surfing through my rss feeds just now when i got home from a night on the town, and jee had written “the days evaporate”. i had a momentary flash of dej?° vu as i was making a comment on how that expression resonated for me right now. it was a strange flash, the feeling of being right on the edge of some kind of sea change. the days evaporate, yes, but then they become invisible particles suspended in air, felt in everything we do, but invisible to the naked eye.
i then read my old high school friend lou’s post reflecting about how the cost barriers to film production are quickly evaporating. (check out the sony fx1).
lou and i wrote a treatment together when he was working as a creative exec at disney. this was back in the days when everything coming out of that studio had to be a “fish out of water” story. what better fish out of water than the pirates of the carribean coming to life and escaping the ride? well, apparently the studio wasn’t quite ready to bring that ride to life. our idea was deemed “too scary” or something like that. maybe lou will remember better and fill in the story. i mention this because i started writing a screenplay today. i am not sure how far i will get with it, but i did put together a nice handful of scenes on index cards (well, in the computer, at least).
the days continue to evaporate. the air gets thicker with each evaporation. they’re not gone entirely, they are still everywhere around me, but now i can only feel them as a single undifferentiated presence. and of course, the occasional hallucinatory shadow in the mist.
it feels like a lost metaphor from being and nothingness. or maybe just pretentious rambling. i got my first real heartfelt dismissive comment the other day. a woman named jennifer from texas wrote: “you suck. so does your site”. i’m not going to give up just yet, but i’m not sure how much more my fragile ego can take.






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  1. Jondi Avatar

    Once I got a random Friendster hatemail … really vile stuff totally out of the blue. Then I read all the guy’s testimonials and all his friendships had started with bar brawls or similar altercations, so I figured that was just his way of trying to connect. So maybe Jennifer is flirting with you.

  2. t Avatar

    i would have to agree…

  3. gimaha Avatar

    She has probably taken umbrage with your posts on Bush.

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