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i fired up an account at CC Mixter, the creative commons community music sharing site. i uploaded, for starters, my stonhenge outtake, a track i did late night while procrastinating other work on writing. i am really pretty excited about collaborating on music over the internets. now i just need to motivate some of my less motivated musician friends.
the problem with collaborating on songs seems to be one of format still. there really is not a universal multitrack software out there, although i think that garageband has the most promise right now to encourage a standard for file formats. basically, if everyone could agree on a wrapper file format (the file that keeps track of the midi and audio involved in a project), we would be a lot closer to being able to work together on tracks. as things stand today though, everyone pretty much has to be running the same software, or else there is a lot of painful dealing that needs to be done, exporting, importing, submixes, etc. it’s still pretty messy.
UPDATE: rad! victor on CC Mixter already did a remix using my stonehenge outtake!






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