permission granted

joi and i were IMing today, he’s been messing around in garageband, and we decided to make a track together. we were talking about how to go about it, and i said “why don’t you start the car, and i’ll jump in,” something i heard bob dylan say to tom petty on a tape of them drunkenly playing the lounge of a holiday inn one night when they were on tour together.
joi came up with some tracks in garageband, with some lessig soundbites, then flew the track over to my computer, and i loaded it into logic and added some stuff and did a little compressing and EQ. it’s quite different than the acoustic guitar stuff i’ve been working on, and it was a lot of fun. i think we’re going to do more. further info will be at the “permission granted” information clearinghouse (the name for the project).







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  1. starting the car

    Eric and I were chatting about how cool Garage Band was and we decided to try collaboration over the Internet. I grabbed some samples off of a talk Lawrence Lessig gave in Helsinki, laid down some beats and “started the…

  2. t Avatar

    love the title

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