news flash: bay bridge still not done

phil and i took a break from playing myst to get out on the bay today, and we sailed down to the bay bridge to investigate rumors that the project is nearing completion. nope. it looks like they’ve given up. every time we sail out there, phil and i remark about how we wish that we were the owners of those cranes, leasing them to the state. that rental revenue is some serious “fuck you” money, i bet.
i’ve been feeling a bit scatterbrained the last couple of days, and steering around all the flotsam pushed into the bay by all the rain was just the kind of meditative therapy i needed. there really isn’t an issue of trying to be “in the moment” and “here and now” when you are bearing down on a waterlogged telephone pole at six knots with a front blowing from the north, filling the sails with a more than ample amount of wind. . you just are, very, very present.






2 responses to “news flash: bay bridge still not done”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    You can be the WU-LEI Master of sailing. I think you’re on to something.

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