slowing market

i have been looking at stocks all day for an investment club i belong to. man, it’s tough finding good companies that are making lots of money and are also socially responsible (one of the criteria of the group). and that are priced reasonably, especially right now. this was a favorite comment on the market from this article:

“It’s like whistling by a damn graveyard,” Saut said. “You’ve got rising inflation, waning economic momentum, waning earnings momentum … I feel like I’m from a different planet. How can we all eat at the same table and then disagree about what’s been served? I look at some of this stuff, and the valuations make no sense to me.”

in other news, my brother just sent me a picture of the floors at my mom’s place in ojai. they turned out sweet.
mom's floor






5 responses to “slowing market”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Oh Thanks, Eric! Those floors do look sweet!!!!! I’m going up to see them in person tomorrow. Life is good!

  2. steen Avatar

    The only thing slower than the market right now is yer site!!

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Update: The floors are great!!!!!The best choice we could have made for that house. Unfortunately, my neighbors across the street were severely hit by the storms. The park behind their houses broke through their walls and fencess and flowed through their homes. There is mud all over Pleasant Avenue. Nothing like knobhill, but bad…I felt a little guilty to be gliding around on clean new floors.

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