diner in the city

click here to hear another rough mix coming out of the workshop over here in berkeley. still very rough, but i’m kicking it out the door for now. the lead vocal is a quick pass. i just wanted to get it recorded and live with it a while.

two nights ago i was im’ing late night with mj, and i sent her an mp3 of what i was working on at 2:30 a.m. she did a little free association typing while she was listening to it, and i liked her idea of sitting across from someone in a diner and feeling like a king. so i went with that idea. you may be thinking, what the fuck? nobody dies in this song, nothing blows up, and it’s kind of soft. don’t worry, the rockers are coming up.

“diner in the city”

so many dreams so many desktop themes
the open windows are overwhelming
so many places so many things
so many people to be
let’s call in sick and sell all our shit
and move to a tropical island
imagination running wild
but it doesn’t get better than this

with you
in this booth, in this diner, in this city
it’s the only place on earth for me

so many hours of so many days
i’m just driven to distraction
thinking ahead or looking back
taking me out of the action
tonight i’m not thinking about anything else
except how lucky i am
maybe just a little, a little about the future
because i’d sure like to it again

in this booth, in this diner, in this city
with you
it’s the only place on earth for me







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  1. gimaha Avatar

    I really like this one!!!!!

  2. roulette

    roulette Morality has no terrors for her who has risen beyond good and evil. And though Morality may continue to devour its victims, it is utterly po

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