i picked up a pair of sony mdr-7506 headphones today. sony stopped making my all-time favorites, the mdr-v6, a few years ago. the 7506 models are the closest, although they will try to tell you the v600’s are the replacement. (and they suck).
i have a lot of songs to finish but this weather is starting to get to me. i don’t want them to turn out all mopey and unusable. i feel like hibernating until wednesday when the sun is supposed to come out.

DEPRESSION UPDATE: after about an hour and a half of successfully avoiding life, peering out from under the comforter on the couch, i picked up the guitar and forced myself to work. now i feel much better. old habits die hard though.

P.S. i nearly bought a banjo today when alberto and i were over at guitar center checking out twelve strings. i wrote a song on sargon’s banjo years ago, and we recorded it. i couldn’t remember it when i was noodling around today.

line 6 now makes an acoustic guitar emulator (basically a really thin version of an acoustic/electric, but with a cat 5 cable running out as well as audio, carrying digital pitch information. think old roland guitar synth, only flawlessly responsive). i was playing it for a while, jamming out sitar and banjo lines. i wish they weren’t over a thousand bucks.






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  1. Jondi Avatar

    I had a pair of Sony’s self-destruct on me, mid-set, Saturday night. Finished the mix with one side thrown over my shoulder, and a metal prong sticking into the side of my head. And that’s the second pair of Sony’s that’s happened with. Got to pick up some new headphones, not Sony’s this time.

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