tasty dinner

i went to dinner at myth with jee tonight. the food and company could not have been better. (service was a little slow, but we were presented with our entre?©s by david niven jr.! errrr, a distinguished older gentleman with an ascot. i might have imagined the ascot, but he certainly was a natty dresser). we had salmon timbale (stuffed with crab and shrimp, with avocado mousse), a really tasty pear salad with honey cashews and blue cheese, monkfish wrapped in pancetta, and shitake-dusted scallops. apple bread-pudding and lemon custard cake with berry compote moat.
i think i should have had decaf instead of the double espresso i opted for. when i do eventually get to sleep however, i believe i will dream of being in hawaii…






5 responses to “tasty dinner”

  1. bret Avatar


    299 r/t from s.f. with hotel. get on that … or go to London for 308 r/t ( http://dir.travelzoo.com/Air.asp?intCategory=10&id=174842 ) and meet up with me at Dickon’s on my way back from Helsinki. Travel is UBER cheap right now.

  2. t Avatar

    check out the time of your last three posts, i don’t think it’s the caffeine

  3. jee Avatar

    when’s the next culinary adventure?

  4. eric Avatar

    jee — soon!

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