attention tune-starved stoners

tonight i should have just gone to bed, but instead i sat down at the computer and started playing tchaikovsky through the string ensemble sampler in logic, one thing led to another and soon i had this stoney outtake. i swear there are cannibinoids in these scharffen berger chocolate bars. i can’t really imagine using this instrumental interlude with the songs i’m writing, so i’m putting it here as a service to music-deprived bongrippers out there.

mark your calendars: i’m going to play my new acoustic and sing at minna on february 15.







9 responses to “attention tune-starved stoners”

  1. bret Avatar

    I can’t make it to Minna. Audio blog it. Anyone up there have a DAT ?

  2. loomis Avatar

    forget the audio blog, go for a webcast!

  3. Mr Ken Avatar

    dude, i cashed all the butane in my lighter on that one

  4. bret Avatar

    EH live at Pompeii.

  5. eric Avatar

    oh fuck, emily i just accidentally erased your post!

  6. emily Avatar

    That is pretty stoney, my friend. Hey- do you ever check your minna email account
    still?!? I put your feb 15 date on my outlook calendar…I’ll be there.

  7. eric Avatar

    ok i restored it.

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