i was IMing with jondi today and we were talking about new year’s resolutions among other things. i guess if anything i am resolving to make my work patterns more structured, although i am not sure how i am going to do that. maybe a certain number of hours spent solely with the acoustic guitar, away from the computer, followed by the rest of the day and evening working on the tracks in logic. that seems like a good start. i tracked another new song today, using the acoustic as the core of track, and it is sounding really sweet. so good that i am reconsidering shaping the other songs towards that instrumental base, rather than the electric guitar core of most of them. there are an infinite number of textures available in logic when it comes to keyboards and signal processing, and it is really hard to keep an eye on what the overall sound of a collection of these songs would be. luckily my shitty voice will be hanging on them all like an albatross, lending at least some sonic common thread.
i am reading “shakey,” the biography of neil young, and it is inspiring me to keep at it. particularly ahmet ertegun’s comment about neil’s voice:

his voice was odd, shaky. it’s like looking at a cubist painting in 1920 — if you just look at one picasso you would say “i don’t know what this is”. but when you look at the whole body of work, it’s a great thing.

i think, as i remember, ahmet sent a nice letter of rejection to earl mcgrath when he sent him our tape…






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  1. steen Avatar

    Is that Earl Mcgrath the gallery owner?

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