i am in love again

i started off the day looking at a couple of flawed acoustics up in the berkeley hills, an old 50’s gibson and a newer fender. then i drove down claremont and wound up at 51st and telegraph, in the pawnbroking shop of my former landlord, saul gevertz. i played a yamaha that was really very nice, and had a nice haggling session to boot, but told the guys i would be back and needed to think about it.
then i went to guitar center el cerrito and played every single guitar in the acoustic room. i picked up this one, a gibson songwriter deluxe, and everything just fell into place. made in bozeman montana, where i spent part of my childhood. so. fucking. good. it makes my heart hurt it’s so sweet.
UPDATE: this is the best acoustic guitar i have played. period. this reviewer apparently had the same experience i’m having. it’s hard to keep my nose out of the sound hole, because the wood smells so good.
UPDATE 2: i took her over to the gallery and plugged into the system and played until i busted a string. (about 3 hours). with the eq flat, it is the cleanest, tastiest acoustic/electric i have played. even with the ungodly sound pressure level of a dance club sound system, i was unable to get feedback until i turned one of the 15″ mackie subs to full and practically straddled it with the guitar in my hands.






6 responses to “i am in love again”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar

    driving around? fix the timing chain on the hilux or golfin’ it?

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Whoa, Eric! Driving and buying! Happy New Year! It looks great on the Tunisian rug.

  3. bret Avatar

    Why isn’t there an audio clip with this post ?!?!?! Don’t leave us hanging!

  4. bret@111minnagallery.com Avatar

    m. breathers would be a good test.

  5. remembering Avatar

    “see this? i’ll never love anyone as much as this!”

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