firefox config

this hack for firefox really speeds the performance of the browser noticeably. i am purely psyched.
mj and i were planning on going on a late afternoon sail today, but as the hour approached the rss feed for the national weather service kept spitting out more and more dire warnings, so we scrapped that plan and opted instead to check out some video on demand over at her place, with matt, the lead developer of wordpress, the software i use for this blog.
we watched “the life and death of peter sellers”, which was pretty interesting. the most brutally twisted moment comes when geoffery rush, playing sellers, announces he is divorcing his wife, and is asked by his young daughter “do you still love us daddy?” and he answers “of course i do sweetheart… just not as much as i love sophia loren.” this right after sophia loren has completely shut down his advances and told him to go home to his wife.






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