merry xmas from venice, CA

i am pretty ambivalent about the holiday, excepting the fact it is a celebration of toys and games and sitting around all day in pajamas. well, at least that’s primarily what it means to me now, which is exactly what it meant to me when i was a little kid and couldn’t fall asleep on this night because i was so excited to see what toys and games santa brought me. (it’s also pretty cool that the patron saint of the day is a fat drunk who wears pajamas at all times and carries on with reindeer and elves, and stuffs fat sacks down peoples’ chimneys for a living). i realized several years ago that a day dedicated to play was the only aspect of christmas that i had ever wholly enjoyed, and now i try to spend the day kicking back, indulging in pastimes as much as possible. and eating.
whatever your chosen activity for the day, may it be, in every sense of the word, a joyful holiday, a “day free from work that one may spend at leisure”.






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  1. steen Avatar

    Merry Xmas Hallers.

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