air drumming to ojai

the unbelievably good weather in this, my old stomping grounds, has got me occasionally entertaining the notion of a return on a more permanent basis, but the frequent and prolonged periods of time spent in the car are providing a good reminder of the reality of living down here.
i have rekindled my love of playing air drums in the passenger seat. when i went out with tina, this behavior was “streng verboten”. she would literally pull the car to the side of the road if i began playing an imaginary drum kit. i thought this a little unfair and selfish, but i compromised and refrained from playing air instruments of any kind in the car.
bret has the last soundgarden album “down on the upside” loaded into the cd carousel, a truly brilliant record with some very dumb lyrics. a couple of times i have been pounding away at my air ride cymbal (the trick is that the power in your imaginary sticks comes from the wrists) and suddenly dropped my air sticks in disbelief. hold on, is chris cornell singing about his dog again????
we stopped at the point mugu naval base on our way up pch, and checked out the birds.
bret and the tomcat






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  1. t Avatar

    no air instruments while i am driving has always been my rule, and you wouldn’t let me make up songs while we were in the car… selfish? or just saving one’s sanity?

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