let’s break something

perhaps the most primally satisfying part of a remodel is the demolition. there are very few occasions in one’s life where breaking things is required. removing an annoying wall from your mother’s kitchen is one of those occasions.
it is impossible to resist breaking things in a beavis and butthead fashion. we started off rather surgically with the sawzall (pictured below). the procedure was working just fine, but feeling a bit less than satisfied, i said something like “fuck this shit, let’s just get all old school with this fucker. dude, where’s the sledgehammer and crowbar?” to punctuate my call to arms, i put my foot completely through the drywall, nearly injuring myself in the process. for the next half an hour or so we proceeded to wreak havoc, smashing, prying, and beating on the wall until it was no more. damn, that was cool.
let's break something






3 responses to “let’s break something”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Wow! that’s more like a dining room! Better put the slide show inorder from beginning to end…..As is, the wall is going up rather than coming down, and where is you eye protection, Eric Michael Many Eye Operations Haller?

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