we drove up pch today to ojai, and got to work. i haven’t been here in a few years, my mom’s roses have really started to take over the neighborhood. i spent several hours with a crowbar and hammer in hand, then some time watering the yard, and even grabbed the pool skimmer and netted some big oaky leaves. one of the only reasons to have a house as opposed to an apartment is to have plants and trees. i had almost forgotten how mind-clearing it is to stand around with hose in hand, wetting everything in sight.
i peered through a knot-hole in the fence, looking for horses, but the neighbor’s house burned down since the last time i was here, and the horses are gone. looks like we will be responsible for generating our own horseshit (shouldn’t be a problem).
the place looks really nice (besides the demolition), there is a lot of fruit on the citrus trees, and it is quiet (when i am not pounding on the crowbar or using the jackhammer). and there’s wifi.
mom's roses






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  1. Mr Ken Avatar

    save some jackhammerin’ for me! i’m gonna work on the house in january, and i’m all about demolishing things. that and burning ants with a magnifying glass.

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