still in l.a.

we did not make it to ojai today. instead, we hung out around bret’s place, went out to lunch with some various and sundry filmmaker/artist/bohemian types (i had to promise not to blog the location or any details about the restaurant we went to. it was that kind of a “hollywood venice hipster” lunch).
we walked over to our old friend brad schlei’s outrageously swank pad overlooking the venice boardwalk, played some pool and watched the sunset.
paul screened (well, hdtv) his and doug mann’s movie “pussywillow” for me tonight. doug has been trying to get “pussywillow” made for as long as i have known him, which is over ten years at this point. although the movie turned out to bear no resemblance to the script they started with (it became a documentary somewhere during the shooting), it is nevertheless a brilliant piece of cinema demi-verit?©. paul’s camera work and editing is fluid and amazingly engaging. i always think of doug at some point this time of year, when i remember taking acid with him one christmas eve, staring at the lights on the tree, and staying up late to see if we could catch santa.
tomorrow, i guess we head up north. it’s pretty nice here, in the low eighties, and it has me thinking of moving to more temperate climes. it’s weird though. i kind of miss the bay area right now. i put up a few other photos that my brother took.
venice boardwalk from schlei's






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