my friend lou kamer came by and went to dinner with bret, paulie and i. while we were eating an obscene amount of japanese food off a giant wooden platter in the shape of a boat, we discovered that we had coincidently both been talking this week about what a great game bolo was/is. when we got back to bret and paul’s place, we all downloaded the mac os x version of bolo and had a LAN game. there were some networking problems, which may have been because we were all connected wirelessly. even though there were some bugs, it is still a great game, not all that pretty but fun as hell. and playing on four G4 laptops sure beats lugging around the old steam-powered macs like we used to have to do.
bolo tourney






4 responses to “bolo!”

  1. bret Avatar


  2. loomis Avatar

    Bret, get back to tidying up.

  3. Mr Ken Avatar

    Looks just like my pictures of Bret when he comes to visit me –>

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