vacay / l.a.

i’m on one of those cool little shuttle jets to l.a. in a couple hours. my brother and i are going to work on my mom’s house in ojai to get it ready for her imminent retirement (paint the walls and install wood flooring primarily). i’ll be down there for christmas. i think we’ll be bringing bret’s xbox up there, and so i will continue testing my hypothesis that the spirit of christmas is best expressed by PLAYING WITH TOYS ALL DAY, ON THE DAY.
united airlines just surreptitiously sucked some personal information out of me, in the guise of creating password hints for a mileage account (that i needed to print my boarding pass). i HATE shit like that.
i’ll have dsl down there as well, for all your pressing last-minute holiday greetings and salutations. ok i have an hour to pack and get the fuck out of here. perhaps procrastination will be something to work on for 2005.






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