boate + food = tasty

jee and i sailed the boate over to tiburon and tied up at the dock in front of sam’s restaurant. then we went and had dinner at guaymas. it was a tasty day all ’round (we snacked on cookies that jee baked on the way over). it’s pretty shallow at this dock, when we returned from dinner, i *think* that the tide going out caused the keel to drag in the mud just enough that she wouldn’t reverse out of the slip. or maybe i’m just a fat bastard, because when i stepped off and pulled on the stern line, i was able to get her free.
jee and the boate in tiburon






4 responses to “boate + food = tasty”

  1. jee Avatar

    thanks again for the day. maybe we should head out earlier next time and hit sam’s at a legitimate brunch hour. 🙂

  2. eric Avatar

    i guess i have to rearrange my sleep hours before then, because that kinda *was* brunch for me!

  3. gimaha Avatar

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