a good pie

slowly but surely i am putting together music and lyrics. i am populating a world with broken and confused people, high-powered kleptocrats for whom self-doubt is a revelation, smooth con artists lounging in resort town swimming pools, and of course, sad and lonely girls sitting on the edges of hotel beds. they all have at least two things in common so far: they are basically good people who look up the mast at the stars and dream of better places and times to come, and they all live in port cities. the self-styled mariner’s hand is pervasive, steeping the lyrics in seawater brine and frontier lawlessness, set in coastal towns like vladivostok, the san francisco of russia. no pirates as of yet, but i may remedy that.
work was making me hungry, so i made a pizza. i rolled out some whole wheat dough, slathered it with tomato paste, fresh chopped basil, garlic, artichoke hearts, olives, red peppers, mozzarella, and anchovies. although i floured the cutting board before rolling out the dough, i had some serious trouble transferring the pie to the stone this time, and wound up folding the thing over on itself at one point. accidental calzone! whatever, it was still tasty as hell.






3 responses to “a good pie”

  1. t Avatar

    why don’t you build it on the stone?

  2. eric Avatar

    trying something different.

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