the gauntlet has been thrown

apparently i have thrown down the gauntlet, and the spammers have accepted the challenge. they have redoubled or retripled their efforts, i have to hand it to them, they have even raised the bar on content. now all of the comments are properly spelled, coherent aphorisms, with questionable attributions. for example:

Only in the state does man have a rational existence…Man owes his entire existence to the state, and has his being within it alone. Whatever worth and spiritual reality he possesses are his solely by virtue of the state.
-by online gambling

these fuckers are doing their homework. bandying around stolen quotes from hegel. “the phenomenology of phentermine,” i am sure, is soon to follow.






3 responses to “the gauntlet has been thrown”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    OK, now the game is to get Eric to delete your real comment, thinking that it’s actually the spammers imitating his friends.

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah, if i fuck up and smack down friends’ comments by mistake, their IP gets banned from even accessing the site.

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