something in the air

i heard this tune coming out of the t.v. on thanksgiving, and it’s been looping on and off in my head since. i can hardly remember my own lyrics, and i was having trouble googling the melody as sung by me. luckily my brother could think of a few of the words when i hummed it to him, and i just got the song from itunes. thunderclap newman was started as a side project by pete townshend. very cool. now i can listen this one to death.
my favorite song of the moment, however, is here.
drill daddy drill.
i should update the list of songs i have in my looping playlist. one slightly embarrassing one: sheryl crow’s “if it makes you happy”. whatever, that song fuckin’ rocks. i heard it the other day when i was in kragen auto parts. now it’s looping with the others.
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret Queens Of The Stone Age
Fairytale Of New York The Pogues
A Pair Of Brown Eyes The Pogues
My Poor Brain Foo Fighters
ThankYou Led Zeppelin
Heaven Talking Heads
As The Days Go By Talking Heads
Sparkle City Shuggie Otis
Lucky Man The Verve
Something in the Air Thunderclap Newman
last goodbye Jeff Buckley
Endless Affair Dealership
Hey Hey What Can I Do Led Zeppelin
On A Plain Nirvana
Next To You The Police
Super Bon Bon Soul Coughing
If It Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow
Message of Love Pretenders






5 responses to “something in the air”

  1. sulk Avatar

    where is massengil in that playlist , hallard ?

  2. loomiswatoosi Avatar

    Agree with all BUT “If It Makes You Happy.” A little too repetitive for my taste. What about:
    Little Wing – Stevie Ray version
    I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good – Nina Simone
    Long Black Veil – Johhny Cash
    Cement Mixer – Alvino Rey (an under-appreciated classic)
    Tender – Blur
    Batman – Bob Schneider (live at ACL)

  3. - b Avatar
    – b

    I fully agree with “If it Makes You Happy” – it gets me. If you like that, you should really like “I’m the ocean” (Neil Young from MirrorBall). Listen to Mike Ness’ cover of “Long Black Veil” (Cheating at Solitaire). Cool.

  4. eric Avatar

    massengil will be on that list when i get my cd!

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