handline big eye

as a result of a conversation last night i realized that i have not been into my local fish market in maybe forever. so today i went in. i got a big piece of hawaiian handline-caught big-eye tuna, rubbed it with cracked pepper and salt, and pan-seared it for less than a minute on each side in butter and sesame oil. put it on a mound of shredded carrot in the middle of a plate of wee little asparagus and shredded lettuce. fresh lemon, wasabi, rice vinegar, sesame oil and minced red onion were in attendance. i didn’t really do enough to deserve it today, besides thinking, dreaming, and staring out the window with headphones on. getting ideas. i’ll have to be more productive tomorrow.
right now though, i’m going online with citizen x(box) to represent for our halo 2 clan.






3 responses to “handline big eye”

  1. eric Avatar

    yep, it was very drool worthy.

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