trees, meet the forest.

tonight as i have been allowing gluten to relax and milk to infuse with various spices (mmmm djarum flavored ice cream), i have been organizing and bouncing down tracks from the last month or so. it’s pretty easy to not see the forest when you are climbing a single tree. i always get pretty myopic when i am working on a group of songs.
i have gotten a fuckload done this month. i’ve kind of surprised myself.
i’m putting everything on the ipod to listen to them away from the computer and work on lyrics.
i have to eventually move all the work from the g3. there are about 10 good songs on there, but they are all recorded using cubase and reason. that could be a pain.
and i just got paranoid about a backup, listening to my harddrive labor away copying some files. i lost a couple months’ worth of overdubs and vocal tracks to a corrupted drive when i was recording “full range”. that sucked shit. my favorite working title on any of the tracks? “candy tosses his shit”.
NOTE: the ipod/itunes copy-protection-synchronization is really a frustrating nuisance when you’re trying to use the ipod as a tool for music production. well, sort of. there is a lot of useless copying that goes on.






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