ice cream and pie

there are a ton of varieties of tasty apples in the store. i have an ice cream maker. i have been invited to an orphan potluck at mj’s. therefore: i am making apple tart galette on top of some kind of improvised pastry, and ice cream (i think vanilla, honey, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon).
i should make some bread too.

i sure am going to be kicking myself for waiting until 3:15 on wednesday to go to the market though. fucking idiot.

UPDATE: yes, i was kicking myself.

i looked at a bunch of recipes online but didn’t find one that i liked exactly, so i’m going to combine a couple of them. i think i’m going to try this: i’m going to make some pastry dough and bake it in a shallow pan. then i’m going to glaze the dough, to seal it, with this kiwi-gooseberry preserve i have. from there, i have a couple different plans of attack, all of them involving butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and apples. one plan involves making some sort of creme patissiere layer underneath all that appleness. or i may soften a bunch of apples and smoosh them and then top them with thin slices. i got some really good looking (and smelling) fuji, pippin, and johnathons. sliced almonds are going on top of whatever it turns out to be.

i don’t make dessert all that often, so i am making ice cream as well to redeem myself in case this apple thing turns out to be an ugly mess.






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