captain solo

i had never single-handedly sailed before today. oh sure, on small boats. but never a 26′ coronado like the boate. i had a little apprehension and fear going into it. but fear is lame.
the next thing i know, i am in between alcatraz and angel island near sunset, graciously accepting a short, self-congratulatory statement made by…me.
it was actually really cool. the sailing of course. i made up that part about the statement.






6 responses to “captain solo”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Safety in numbers!!!!!!

  2. Jondi Avatar

    i’ll bet you did say a statement … and then you signed your declaration to rock … er … the boate?

  3. eric Avatar

    rock the boate, don’t tip the boate over. who sang that again?

  4. eric Avatar

    nice work tina.

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