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i had worked on a draft of a “serious” post this morning which i will probably put up tomorrow. instead, today i bring you this: once a year, a man must go through his underwear and sock drawers and ruthlessly and unsentimentally evaluate every garment there (in my case, i just turned the underwear drawer upside down over the trash can). i haven’t always done this. there were years where i reveled in strutting about sans undergarments. “commando style”. but i am trying to add a little more, errr, haberdashery to my otherwise punk lifestyle. always good to get a fresh start on the new year a little early, so as to have some momentum rolling through the first of the year.
and yes, i look damn good in my new flannel pajamas. excuse me now, while i go lounge on the couch in 100% pure cotton comfort.






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    (i stand up and applaud)

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