i really wanted a cig this afternoon, for no apparent reason. well, i was working on lyrics, which sometimes makes me want a smoke. (or perhaps a half quart of bourbon, a fat joint, and an opium pipe). instead, i started cleaning my balcony, so as to have a nicer place to smoke the next time i have the urge, and one is around. it was a welcome form of procrastination. i have many things on my mind, but it is a bitch to compartmentalize them into attractive little word packages that sound good when sung.
luckily, phil called me back and said he was psyched to sail. otherwise, i might still be mopping the balcony. or i might have finished the song. (an outtake of the song i am using for lyric writing on my ipod. if you haven’t heard every other musician you know apologize for the sorry state of a rough mix demo…well you really are missing out, because i am not going to do it. this time).






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