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i encourage everyone to read this. do you approve of the way our foreign policy is being executed? soon, the extent of their economic mismanagement will become much clearer domestically. this is my favorite quote:

Indeed, if a weak currency was the prescription for long-run economic health, countries like Argentina and Mexico — which have suffered massive currency devaluations in the last decade — would be financial titans.

if we didn’t control them, the IMF and the world bank would have already come in here and shut our credit binge down hard, and slapped some draconian “reforms” on us for good measure (which we would deserve for having fucked over so many developing nations with these “banks of last resort”). we are behaving (almost) as irresponsibly on the economic front as we are with our foreign policy. and the problem is, we are all a lot more complicit. well, not me. about the only bling i have is the boate. and the ring, of course. oh but look at how tasty that HDTV is……gaming….(salivate). my prediction for the most stress-inducing acronym of next year? A.R.M.






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