xml feed for halo stats!!!

this is pretty cool. all of the stats for halo 2 are hosted on bungie.net. and, they have an xml feed for individual players’ stats. this is my feed. it’s not pretty, but i am learning the maps and clan DYNAMITE is as well.
check out the individual game breakdown, and click on “game viewer”.
i will say this, most game sites are pure dogshit when it comes to navigation. hint to bungie.net: i am NOT interested in pursuing information as if it is a hidden easter egg in my favorite game. logical, hierarchical organization of stats is PRETTY easy.
the excitement of the game is starting to wear off. well, the all-time-consuming excitement. but this little vacation into high-speed action non-reality for 14 hours at a time has left me…longing to get back to recording music, reading books, and sailing. maybe cook some squash and bake some bread and sit around enjoying the smell it fills the apartment with. but this business of frag, frag, frag all day long is going to stop. my head hurts. i hate to admit this, but i am beginning to wonder if i may have outgrown the first person shooter genre entirely. nah, probably just tired. just…need more balance.






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