so long, u.s. treasury

or, alternately, this could be titled “so short the u.s. treasury”. my body and heart may still be in berkeley, but as of the open of this morning’s market, my dollars are starting to “walk before they make me run”. bush has outlined his economic vision for the next four years, and surprisingly enough things don’t come even close to adding up. sure, the economist and others have been predicting a crash for a while now. yes, it hasn’t happened. but as brad delong writes today, four more years of this bullshit are causing markets to really seriously wonder when the madness will stop.
a majority of the american people may have believed the half-truths and lies of the administration, but it is unlikely that foreigners extending credit to our country to fuel our unprecedented debt and current account deficit will continue to do so for long. the dissemination of information in the markets is too efficient, as the theory goes. (v.i. lenin is staring down disapprovingly from the old soviet banner hanging from my ceiling).
talking about investment is often boring and lame, and makes the secret marxist in me cringe, but here’s what i’m doing. i am not about to delve into george soros style dollar-busting currency exchange manuevers, and i don’t fully understand or track the european bourses or the tokyo stock exchange. so i needed something for an idiot like myself who doesn’t really want to think about this shit except in the abstract, generally during the cocktail hour, and perhaps as is evidenced here, while blogging. i picked two exchange-traded index funds, IEV for the euro and EWJ for yen.

my guy didn’t win the election. it doesn’t mean i’m going to let their guy piss my money down the drain. i am now beginning to vote with my dollars euros and yen. sayonara, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, se?±or greenback.






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