i guess you might have to live in berkeley and drive a car to understand why this one is so infuriatingly funny. one of the parking enforcement gestapo stopped in to eat at andronico’s today while phil and i were getting sandwiches for our day on the bay with jonas luster. nice parking job, huh. (and yes, there were other spots available).






5 responses to “hypocrite”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar
    Mr Ken

    love the filename — i_do_own_the_whole_road.jpg

  2. b Avatar

    what a fucking piece of shit. i bust my ass to act miserly and save dough and do things like skipping hot chocolates or breakfast pastires, and then I get nailed for $44 on Sat. evening for parking in white zone at the hospital long after the pharmacy had closed. i don’t have the words to describe the rage.

    you should have gotten their badge number or picture and reported them to their desk sgt. oh, sweet revenge. i live for that opportunity.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Did you ever think that just possibly the parking meter person is disabled? Is there any mutual exclusivity between meter-reader- person and disability? Could the parking person be recuperating from a set-to with the likes of b- who seems to have an inordinate amount or rage? There are Bigger Problems in the world. Find em!

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