the weak spot

i have discovered one thing that will almost always crash logic. when i unfreeze a track (switch the track from a printed audio track to live), while the play head is engaged, it crashes almost without fail. this has not stopped me from doing it about 3 times a day. i am now so sour every time it happens that i take the time to fill out the crash report for apple, and each time i beg them to fix it to save me from myself.
i hooked up phpBB today for an investment club i have been invited to participate in. a very cool and intelligent group of people, we had our first meeting last week. i was going to set up tikiwiki again, because i haven’t played around with it for a year or so, but when i expanded the tarball, it was like tribbles going all over the place. it unloaded OVER 4,000 files onto my server, pushing me over my file quota.
i played rainbow six tonight, trying to get into FPS mode again for next week’s halo 2 arrival. man do i suck. someone i know is ALREADY playing a promo halo 2, by virtue of a “fan” of his who is in a “popular” band. suffice it to say, i will NOT BE overly IMPRESSED if, on the FIRST NIGHT, someone HAPPENS TO BE DOMINATING.






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  1. rodolfo gutierrez Avatar
    rodolfo gutierrez

    some logic: you get what you pay for.haha

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