we lose.

i slept last night in front of the tv, waking up from time to time as some new results came in. it was something of a nightmare.
americans have voted today in favor of morality, feelings, and beliefs, over and above their own self-interests. why? propaganda. or, in the nomenclature of this administration, “staying on message”. are they really terribly good at it? they really aren’t that good at all, as far as transparent lies go. but they are EFFECTIVE, as this election has proved. sadly, i think this reflects poorly on the majority of people in this country.
i only hope that the constitution and the treasury can withstand the next four years of abuse.






6 responses to “we lose.”

  1.  Avatar

    what freaks me out the most is that the majority of people who voted for Bush cited ‘moral values’ as the most important reason. huh???

  2. phil Avatar

    my moral values

  3. Jason levin Avatar
    Jason levin

    i guess our only bright spot is that no one in the bush machine will run in 08

  4. b Avatar

    I share phil’s moral values (except for that thing about young teens – that disgusts me).

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