my brother flew in today with a 150 gig firewire harddrive filled with archived music we have worked on over the years. i dropped a couple tracks into logic and ran them through a little mastering setup.
here’s a little 8 track demo gem from 1993. tony wilson on guitar, pete “the dirty” finestone on drums, bret haller on bass, me singing, guitar & pen. i think craig levitz (before he became known as irwin) stopped by for the percussion.
amazing how this theme of unemployment and petroleum from after the first gulf war sorta sounds kinda current. i am also reminded that 8 track 1/4″ analog tape and shure sm57 mikes can sound fucking amazing if you put some time into it.






3 responses to “tanman”

  1. Mr Ken Avatar
    Mr Ken

    What?! The hard drive lives?! I expect my full copy by the end of the year. Your tunes were a huge part of my young-adulthood.

  2. loomiswatoosi Avatar

    Even though I love our new digital age, there’s something oh so fantastic about the old analog. It’s that live, no compression sound….

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