first out of the gate.

recently i took an online personality test. one of the questions was: would you sleep with someone just because they were good looking? well NO SHIT! in any case i am learning logic, and so i needed to come up with some stuff to record, and that question was sort of the impetus of these lyrics. more like, answering the question “how much bullshit would you put up with to continue to sleep with someone who is good looking?” you’ve been there. gay, straight, male, female, if you’ve slept with more than one person you have probably done it at some point. i can’t tell if i like it, i’ve been living with it all day. in no way is this to be construed as what logic can do, i am still very much on the ground floor with learning. without further weak and clich?©d disclaimers about it being a rough mix demo….(time to load up the de-esser. sibilance ahead…..)

UPDATE: i am rethinking the idea of putting rough mixes up here. this song is soooooo b-side, besides being quite unfinished and lame. it’s not even working as a concept for me right now. i do kinda like singing the words “yeah, i’m a stallion” though.

cure for cancer

i spend an hour or two down by the breakwater wating for her
i’m only patient because she is fine
no matter how hot she is there’s a lot of guys out there
tired of putting up with her shit
right now i’m not one of them just a sucker who’s waiting on her
good thing i brought a good book
i’m in the honeymoon phase i’m blinded by her good looks
and i forgive her a lot

give me a week and i’ll be bored i’m sure
but for now you’re the cure
the cure for cancer

would you be willing to look just like a fool in your own eyes?
i guess you’re doing it now
look at the length i will go just to fuck someone
who’s clearly better looking than me
what do i get out of it except for feeling like shit
when the afterglow burns away
i guess i always can say well there’s the girl that i laid
yeah, i’m a stallion.






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