good night

i decided not to drive into san francsico for woo and ramee’s party tonight. east bay momentum is more and more a fixture in my life, and i have been feeling a bit tired and slightly down from the weather today (i had one of the most perfectly ripe avocados with dinner and that brought me back on an even keel).
after dinner i threaded an ethernet cable through a slot in this tunisian rug for the xbox (it seems tailor-made for the purpose), and then sat down to a night of socializing the new-fashioned way. my old friend lou kamer and i haven’t seen each other in probably ten years, and it was amazingly cool to catch up. we ran a vid link for several hours, and had a chatroom with my mom and brother in it running on the side. i am looking forward to 4-way video conferencing in tiger. that’s gonna be super fucking cool.






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