up ‘n’ at ’em

i wore my seapathfinder to bed last night, after going to sleep at around 4. bad move, as the alarm was set for 8 a.m. i’ve made myself a pot of french press coffee, and am staring out the window at the rain falling down. this is the kind of day where i could go for a pack of dunhill reds and maybe a rereading of nietzsche’s “the birth of tragedy”. and perhaps some musings of the primacy of art over morality, and the madness from which it springs. the dyonisian versus the appollonian. maybe a jaunt over to au coquelet.
hold on….i think i need to change into something more….black.






2 responses to “up ‘n’ at ’em”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Thanks for the laugh and the weather report. This means that it will probably be raining on my return trip from Ojai tomorrow. Still sitting in W-hills, sipping tea and catching up with the news and the blogs. Talked to Bret earlier. He’s having lunch with Louie! Life is good!

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