words suck

another night spent in front of a microphone. i’m calling it a night with a discarded pile of scraps and incomplete ideas. music is fun and easy. you understand it on a nonverbal level, you feel it, and it’s there. pretty much like sex.
lyrics, occasionally, arrive on the page like joyous conversation, easy breezy, like a summer evening spent in a redwood hottub in marin with lifelong friends. when i say occasionally, i mean that it occasionally happens that way for someone else. because for me, it’s almost always work. on nights where i finish at dawn with something i’m excited about, then the work is tremendously satisfying. sadly, that is not the state of affairs tonight.
i guess you have to swing and miss a lot to feel a thrill when you do in fact connect. it means that or…tonight i just didn’t get much done. wait! i got you to read this drivel! oh yeah. not a proud accomplishment.






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