i did not know that

Sudan: Oil Guzzlers Thwart China’s Diplomatic Overtures:

i guess i was traveling and did not pick up the story when china watered down the u.n. resolution on the sudan. why is the u.s. not leading the path for human rights there? we (i mean the bushies) dragged their feet hard on calling this a genocide. but the chinese are buying dollars and keeping w.’s debt fires stoked. also, from these figures, i am imagining that taking sudan offline would cause a serious crisis in the petroleum markets. interesting how news like this is so damn hard to find, and yet it really brings the situation into clarity. oil. again. capitalism the way marx and engels said it would be. the world turns a blind eye on genocide to keep the wheels of commerce greased with high quality petroleum products. hell, even the communists are doing it these days. seductive shit.

(Via The Horn of Africa.)






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