rock show

i went to see a couple bands play at cafe du nord tonight. it was a benefit for my friend min jung’s roomate jane. my friend chuck was playing with his brother matt and a couple of other dudes. liz, (who’s married to chuck, and who i’ve known since we were 14 or so) told me the other guys names, which i promptly forgot. the drummer was really good. the last tune had the memorable opening line “i liked you better before you quit drinking”.
then dealership played. i thought they rocked. i talked with mai, from naata for a while (they have an opening party for their film festival at minna every year), she goes out with the drummer chris. they just got back from vietnam. i could move someplace warm, i thought as i stepped out the door into a brief lull in the rain storm.






5 responses to “rock show”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    jane from dealership has a cool gaming site too (you probably know about it but if not )

  2. jee Avatar

    i’m glad you went to see dealership. the chris’s and jane are great performers.
    i’m not sure what’s going on with gamegirladvance these days…

  3. Jondi Avatar

    oops – linked the right paren!

  4. eric Avatar

    ok i fixed the parentheses.

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