i’m ordering logic

i’ve been using a patchwork of different software for the last couple of years, mostly centered around my cubase set-up, and recently garageband. i was talking with liz, my friend of many years, and i told her how i was starting to really enjoy making music again. they just bought a tascam 388, a great machine. i have spent approx. a million hours in front of mine.
i made a decision about 5 years ago to go digital, and i’m not going back. i’ve been holding off on getting audio software for osx, because i didn’t think that the tools had matured for the platform yet. i still have to boot into system 9 in order to use most of my good plugins.
but now…it looks to me like they’ve got it. and i can chain several of my old macs together as parallel recorders. this means that i can get the ibook, and track wherever i am, go to a park (or, of course, the boate) and sit there with my acoustic, recording , then plug it in as a node in the studio. i’m making my move to logic 7.






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  1. Jondi Avatar

    don’t go to the dark side! stay on the jedi path!

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