my dearest wish

i just opened a fortune cookie, and it said “your dearest wish will come true”. i stood in the kitchen eating the cookie, then having some almonds, then a banana, staring at the map of the bay i nailed to the wall a while ago. i was thinking intently. what is my dearest wish? if the genie had popped out of the bottle just then, i really wouldn’t have known what to say.
i’m still not sure.






4 responses to “my dearest wish”

  1. t Avatar

    dearest wish: all spammers will have their skin melt off their bodies…

  2. bret Avatar

    two never ending pints of guinness.

  3. b Avatar

    A Mac OS X native version of A-10 Attack!

  4. casino

    casino All those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand…

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