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i sure am being hit by comment spam today. very strange, i haven’t gotten much since i switched over to word press, but now i am getting rocked. i think it may have something to do with me messing around with the xmlrpc deal last night. or maybe, just maybe, they are attracted by the new fouled anchor favicon that i culled from my ring.
the boate project is nearing completion (well, there is always something to do on a boat). i went down to get shrouds for all the stays, and they wanted something like $4 a piece for them at west marine. fuck that, i said, and went next door to osh and picked up 2 20′ sections of white gardening pvc and eight sweet rounded caps. i got out of there for around $8.
the guy at the entrance to the G dock, who has been doing an absolutely amazing job restoring an old 20′ santana, works at west marine, i discovered today. i am considering a career there…employment qua avenida de los discounts.






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