deleted post about muse

i accidentally deleted a whole post from last night when i tried to edit a comment i had made in response to a comment martin had made. so, here’s a quick recap:
i was whining about having writer’s block for this song. in fact, i said that some nights it felt like there was a horsehair conjugal sheet with no hole in it between the muse and i. then i wrote that it would be cool if someone else would write the lyrics, and not to be stingy with their love when it came to the denouement, which should unravel like a pandora’s russian doll of bittersweet emotion.
such florid language raised a red flag in the mind of one reader, my old friend martin, who sensed a certain latent “gayness” to what i was saying. (in all fairness to me, i think he senses this a lot. in fairness to him, when someone starts talking about songwriting, it almost always sounds like fingernails on chalkboards to me…and i did use the word denouement).
well, that recap certainly wasn’t all that noteworthy. maybe i should have just left the thing in oblivion.






6 responses to “deleted post about muse”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    When the rain hits the face of the window pane
    It reminds me of losses we can’t regain
    and the innocence we were unable to sustain
    when emotions cast us through the whilwind of blame ok……There’s a beginning for the song

  2. bret Avatar

    gay. not you mom, just the post.

  3. gimaha Avatar

    Whoa! why is everyone so testy about this? I think it is a rather interesting exercise.
    Too bad that some people are so hardwired to their own small- mindedness……How shrill!

  4. bret Avatar

    my old friend martin, who sensed a certain latent “gayness” to what i was saying.

    look at the reference.

  5. b Avatar

    I told E, but once more for the record: I have not posted anything since my double-entendre about Eric’s “mug”.

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